Bearded Dragon Black Beard and Colors Guide

Bearded dragon owners know that their dragons can change colors depending on their moods or surroundings. But did you know that there are specific colors and patterns associated with different emotions? Here’s a guide to help you understand your bearded dragon’s moods based on their coloring. What are bearded dragon colors? Bearded dragons come in … Read more

Bearded Dragon Anatomy

Bearded dragons make great pets for a variety of reasons. They’re generally friendly, they come in a wide variety of colors, and they’re easy to care for. But before you bring one home, it’s important to learn about their anatomy so you can provide the best care possible. In this guide, we will take a … Read more

Do Bearded Dragon Bites Hurt?

If a bearded dragon feels scared or threatened, it might give you a painful bite. The venom isn’t poisonous to humans, but it’s still important to wash the wound afterward and avoid infection. You should also be careful of the lizard’s skin- it’s rough enough to leave scratches. The subject of reptile venom and specifically … Read more